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Framed Fabric Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are an essential for any girl’s desk. They’re awesome for displaying A+ grades, love notes from your crush, or reminding you about Friday night FroYo with the girls. But why settle for a generic corkboard when you can make something that’s totally your own? Have fun picking adorable fabric to match your room décor for the ultimate personal touch.


  • 1 (11″ × 14″) ornate wooden frame found at a craft store
  • Acrylic paint (any color of your choice)
  • 1 (1″) sponge brush
  • Cork roll (you’ll need this to be just slightly larger than the interior dimensions of your frame, so make sure you have enough in the roll and that it’s wide enough)
  • Scissors
  • 1 yard cotton fabric
  • Glue gun
  • Mounting tape (or hanger of your choice)

1.Start by painting the entire front of your frame with your sponge brush. You may need two coats to make the color opaque. Set aside to dry.


I used cotton fabric for this project because I like the pattern that it had, but if you find another material with a pattern you like, go ahead and use it!

2.Once the frame is dry, flip it over so the unpainted side is facing up. Then, take your cork roll and measure out then cut a piece that is 12″ × 15″. You want the cork to be a bit larger than the inside border of your frame. Leaving a little extra cork will allow you to attach it to the back of your frame later

3.Next, cut your fabric to be 16″ × 13″. When cutting the fabric, make sure that the fabric is bigger than the cork piece on all sides.

4.You are now ready to glue your fabric to the cork roll. Do this by making a large X in the middle of the cork with glue, then pressing the fabric down over the cork. Make sure the fabric is secure along the sides by lining the edges with glue as well. For the inch of excess fabric you left on all sides, pull it to the back of the cork and glue down so the rough edges aren’t visible from the front. You should be left with a piece of cork that is tightly wrapped in fabric.

5.Now, with your frame still face down, glue the fabric-wrapped cork to the frame by lining the frame’s outermost edges with glue, then pressing down firmly on the cork to secure. The fabric-covered side of the cork should face out of the frame.

6.Let your creation dry for about 30 minutes. Hang with mounting tape and enjoy!

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