• Nisan 10, 2020

How to group tabs in Chrome

How to group tabs in Chrome

Many of us have dozens of tabs open in Chrome at the same time. To put things in order, we install various extensions or even switch to other browsers – in the same Vivaldi, pages can be combined into groups.

But in fact, there is no need for additional tools. Google Chrome already has the ability to sort tabs by category. It’s just hidden in the depths of the settings.

Use Chrome settings to sort open tabs

Here’s how to activate this feature. Enter in the address bar chrome://flags/ and press Enter. In the opened settings in the search, type Tab Groups.

Switch the Tab Groups option that appears to Enabled, then click the Relaunch button at the bottom. The browser will restart.

Chrome Settings: Switch Tab Groups to Enabled

Now right-click on any tab and click “Add to New Group”. The tab will be colored, a colored circle will appear next to it.

Chrome settings: right-click on any tab and click “Add to New Group”

You can click on it and change the hue of the group of tabs, as well as give it a name.

Chrome settings: change the color of the tab group if desired

When you want to assign a tab to an already created group, right-click it and select “Add to existing group.” Or just drag the item with the mouse.

You can create any number of groups, but the number of colors is limited – only eight. However, this is enough to restore order. Now the chaos in the browser bar will finally be defeated.

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