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How to spend Sunday so that next week is a success

How to spend Sunday so that next week is a success

You can’t just hate Mondays and stop it. On this day of the week of joy and freedom that you have enjoyed all weekend, the end is coming.

Even if you love your job, the very need to return to hard work on Monday sometimes makes you disorganized and makes you stagnate all day. And then for the rest of the week you have to finish what you did not have time on Monday.

Richard Citrin, organizational counseling psychologist

But if Monday comes anyway, whether you like it or not, stomping on the spot can still be avoided. To do this, you need to develop some useful Sunday habits that, without interfering with your vacation, will prepare you for the work week and help make it more interesting and productive. Use the following tips.

1. Spend an hour organizing your time

You may not have planned to spend Sunday hanging out on Google Calendar, instead of enjoying outdoor activities or your favorite sports show. But believe me, it’s worth it.

If on Sunday you take no more than an hour to determine in advance what you will do next week and plan your upcoming business, then you will put your thoughts in order and get rid of anxiety.

Christine M. Allen, Doctor of Psychology, Coach

View your calendar, take notes and, if necessary, forward them to colleagues, make a list of tasks according to their priority and determine what you will do on Monday morning.

And if you want to have such a good rest on Sunday to be vigorous and full of energy on Monday, try to make all the tedious preparations in the morning, and not put them off until the last moment.

You know very well what is at stake. Wash clothes, cook food for a week, take out clothes that you put on work from the closet, so that in the morning you do not get through the jungle of hangers in search of something decent. Deal with all this in advance, then to enjoy your vacation calmly.

2. Eat healthy foods

Have belly holidays on Fridays and Saturdays. A royal Sunday dinner will only add stress to your body on Monday.

Eating heavy fatty foods and alcohol on Sunday will cause you to plunge into a deep, well-fed coma on Monday. As a result, all morning you will be lethargic.

Debra Nessel, Dietitian at the Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Try to have a delicious and balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Sunday. To provide you with the necessary supply of energy, the food should be low-fat, saturated with proteins and complex carbohydrates. And fruits and vegetables rich in fiber will help digestion and allow you to feel full longer.

Remember to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol promotes dehydration, which leads to lethargy and a decrease in concentration. Better drink plenty of water.

3. Spend a good day

There is nothing criminal in lying on a sofa on Sunday nights watching the Game of Thrones. But if on Monday you want to work more productively, it is better to devote Sunday to something more active, bringing inner satisfaction. For example, you can go camping or visit a shelter for stray dogs.

At the weekend, all of us will have some household chores, but sometimes it’s important to find time for classes for the soul, which enrich you as a person or allow you to communicate with those you love.

Christine Allen

Schedule a yoga class with friends or a volunteer action on Sunday. This will allow you to spend the day for the benefit of yourself and others and recharge your internal battery. On Monday, you will feel inspired and satisfied with yourself.

4. Focus on the positives.

Bullies on the road, annoying colleagues, tasteless coffee – at the beginning of the working week all this can turn into a vicious circle of small troubles. Fear of Monday can easily become familiar to you. You will be wondering what trouble awaits you this time.

Instead, focus on the positive events that can happen to you when you return to the office. Maybe you will have the opportunity to attract new customers with your ideas, or, at worst, you can exchange fresh gossip with your colleagues.

If the problem is that recently you are unhappy with your work as a whole, set aside time for reflection on Sunday. Think about things that could help you enjoy your job more. Try to remember the times when you could not wait to return to the office. Remember all the hard work you did to get a promotion. For many people, this time was the best on their career paths.

Ask yourself, what has changed since you had a sense of satisfaction with your work? What can you change to bring this feeling back? Perhaps the fear of Monday is a signal to you that it is time to leave the comfort zone and take on other responsibilities. Or is it time for you to start looking for something new.

Richard sitrin

Until you find a new job, focus on the positive aspects associated with your current place: on your salary, the ability to travel from time to time, or chatting with your beloved colleagues who always know how to make you laugh.

5. Take and develop

Get the “Monopoly” out of the closet, invite your friends to several poker games, or invite the children to play bouncers.

Games, hobbies and other activities in which you want to be smart, develop creative thinking, learn to focus on a specific task, put your thoughts in order and improve your self-esteem.

Maura Thomas, Business Trainer, Founder, RegainYourTime.com Productivity and Self-Organization Portal

According to research on organizational behavior, sports, computer games and other forms of entertainment that uplift moods also contribute to the development of creativity.

If on Monday morning you want to feel fresh, rested and inspired, then all the qualities mentioned will be very useful to you.

It doesn’t matter how much time you devote to games. The point is that you should not work at the weekend. Just use this time to make different parts of your brain work, but consider it as entertainment.

Maura Thomas

6. Accustom yourself to healthy sleep

The best way not to fall into the clutches of Monday’s bustle is to get a good night’s sleep. A healthy sleep will help overcome stress, add optimism and self-confidence to you, make you energetic and attentive. The beginning of the work week will not take you by surprise. Instead of hiding under the covers, you will rush into battle!

To sleep well at night, you need to eat healthy, light foods on Sunday. The last meal should occur approximately 2.5 hours before bedtime. This promotes proper digestion.

Michael Breus, MD, Sleep Medicine Specialist

Breus also recommends devoting at least 20 minutes a day to cardio. Well, forget about drinking alcohol before bedtime.

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