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Our brain can solve problems while we sleep. Here is how it works

Our brain can solve problems while we sleep. Here is how it works

Have you not noticed that everything that seemed so complicated and insoluble in the evening, in the morning becomes much simpler and more understandable?

Alexander Bell, inventor

When we sleep, the brain reduces the activity of some areas and increases the activity of others. For example, part of the functions for which the prefrontal cortex is usually responsible sleeps with us. This is our individuality, our emotionality, our ability to make decisions, our behavior that needs to be controlled – all this is sleeping.

At night, the subconscious has the greatest space for different maneuvers. This is the time when it can function without obstacles. Consider how this process happens and what needs to be done in order to have the strength and desire to deal with the problems that concern us so much in the morning.

How the brain solves problems while we sleep

While the mind is sleeping, we are driven by the subconscious, analyzing the events that happened during the day and putting information in long-term memory. If any of our problems meet on his way, then it will work on them too.

I believe in the subconscious activity of the brain. The brain works all the time, even when we don’t suspect it. At night, the brain takes on what we were thinking about during the day. When I work on something for a long time, I always think about it before going to bed. The next morning, the results often surprise me.

Alexander Bell

We want to warn you: the problem will not be solved as if by a wave of a magic wand immediately after waking up. In order for the subconscious to focus on what excites you, you need to think about it more often. It is then that it will begin to work with the information that you received during the day, and combine the not-so-obvious facts, looking for a way out of the situation.

The work of the subconscious is well illustrated by the example from the fairy tale “Elves and the Shoemaker”, where the poor shoemaker has the last and most ugly piece of fabric, and the elves come at night and turn it into a wonderful pair of shoes.

The solution to the problem or the direction in which you should move may in some way be reflected in your dreams. Pay attention to any thoughts that come to your mind as soon as you wake up. Just do not put off for a long time, otherwise they can disappear very quickly.

Our dreams, even though we have practically no power over them, help very well in solving current problems. This is due to the fact that we see them when we are in the REM sleep phase, which is called REM sleep.

A study was conducted in 2002 whose participants were asked to solve anagrams immediately after waking up. Some of the subjects were awakened when they were in the phase of deep sleep, and the other part was pulled out of a light nap. It turned out that those who were woken up during the REM phase coped with the task better by 32%. That is why you need to be more careful about your dreams.

How to find solutions to problems in a dream

First, decide what bothers you. For example, you are unhappy with your work, you cannot decide whether to move to another city or not, end a relationship or leave it as it is. When we think about all this day, we are constantly distracted by a hundred other thoughts that prevent us from focusing on the most important thing.

This is similar to when you ask your friends for advice and they suddenly start talking all at once.

They really want to help, but because of differences of opinion and endless loudness, all these tips are worthless.

For the right preparation for finding solutions through dreams, try these five steps.

1. Fix the problem

Before going to bed, spend about half an hour, relaxing about what is bothering you. Remember which methods of solving the problem you have already tried and which have not yet.

2. Set the time frame

When you go to bed, write down or remember a clearly defined problem that needs to be solved, and also take a certain time to solve it. You do not want to toss and turn all night, talking about not the most pleasant things? It has not yet benefited anyone.

For this, it is important to determine the deadline for the problem. Tell yourself something like, “I am dissatisfied with my work and want to understand what I am doing wrong. I want some way out of the situation by 7 a.m. when I wake up. ”

3. Write down your thoughts

As soon as you wake up the next morning, write down the thoughts that come to your mind. In order not to forget to do this, you can pre-put a pencil with paper or a phone near you.

Do not worry if in the morning you will not find any solution to the problem. This is not a home delivery by a certain date and not an instant payment by card. It doesn’t work like that. Give yourself time and be patient.

4. Take time to think.

Brew yourself tea or coffee, sit in a comfortable favorite chair, armed with a notebook and pen or other devices that will help to fix thoughts. For half an hour, just write down everything that comes to your mind.

Do not think about how superficial or corny it is, whether it makes any sense or not. It doesn’t matter how much you manage to record. The main thing is that you throw all your thoughts out of your head onto paper.

5. Draw conclusions

After you finish writing, take a short break and re-read what you wrote. Highlight important things and think about how they can help you solve a problem.

You may not find an obvious way out of the situation, but you will certainly be surprised how much easier after a good sleep will become what seemed insoluble in the evening. At least after you have completed these five steps, you will have at least some kind of action plan.

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